The Most Sustainable Protein, Made From CO2 

We’ve created a revolutionary new cultivation process to make protein from CO2. We call it Planet+ Protein. It is highly nutritious as it is packed with all of the essential amino acids needed for a healthy diet, vitamins and minerals. It has an amazingly low environmental footprint; using significantly less land and less water than other proteins, and it recycles CO2 (like plants) instead of emitting large amounts of greenhouse gases (like animal protein). 

We are on a mission to make the most sustainable protein products, so we have a lot of work to do! We are partnering up with chefs to create Planet+ foods; delicious, nutritious, protein-packed foods that are good for both the planet and for you. It will take some time before our Planet+ products will be available on the market, so click here to receive updates about our progress.

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Too Much Water, Land And CO2

Industrial agriculture is very harmful to the environment. It is responsible for emitting more greenhouse gases than our cars, trucks, planes and trains combined. Massive amounts of land, including ecologically-rich rainforests, have been cleared to make room for industrial agriculture. The way that we make protein today is taking a toll on our natural resources, including fresh water consumption.

As our population continues to expand and the demand for protein continues to rise, we need to find sustainable alternatives.  

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How Planet+ Is A Plus For The Planet

Planet+ Protein uses less land and water than any other major protein option on the market. Plus, instead of creating greenhouse gases, like animal protein production, our nutrient-packed protein uses CO2, just like plants do.

Producing our protein doesn't use up water over months or years like plants and animals.

How Planet+ Is A Plus For You

Clearly, a protein that preserves our environment is good for everyone on the planet. But Planet+ Protein is also rich in nutrients. It has high levels of all of the essential amino acids so that you can maintain a healthy diet. It doesn't stop there as Planet+ Protein is also rich in vitamins and minerals, including many B vitamins, which are harder to get in a vegan diet. 

Plus, all the ingredients used in Planet+ foods will be natural, organic, GMO-free, animal-free, and hormone-free.

Vitamin B

We Recycle CO2, Just Like Plants Do

We know that plants naturally produce protein by absorbing CO2, but few people know that there are microbes in nature that also do this naturally. They consume CO2, like plants do, then they divide just like plant cells. The big difference is that they do this much faster than plants and they need way less water and land.

These microbes are just like the probiotics we use to make Yogurt. The result is one of nature's version of a complete protein, rich in everything your body needs, and it can be blended with other natural ingredients to make any dish extra delicious and nutritious. 


Coming Soon To A Plate Near You

We are on a mission to create environmentally sustainable, nutritious and delicious foods. Being a meat-alternative doesn’t limit our delicious possibilities. Planet+ Protein can be incorporated into many dishes across a wide range of products.


 We Need To Double Protein Production

The demand for protein is increasing. By 2050 there will be 10 Billion people on the planet and they will all need protein. It is projected that we will need to almost double protein production. Current protein production methods are not sustainable, even with our existing population. Something needs to change, and Planet+ can be that change.

We don’t just want people to choose a better alternative to meat, we want them to choose the best one; a complete protein that preserves our planet’s natural resources and provides superior nutrition. With your help, we can make a huge, lasting global impact. 

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